Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Da guna hampir seminggu, another option for networking.
But rasa macam tricked, ialah applied the unlimited data. Thought my place is in the EDGE coverage area, based on the site itself, clearly stated my place is in the coverage area.. turns out its not. So sekarang online guna GPRS, totally eliminated my intention of signing at the first place.

Unlimited data Plan Rm66 mmg worth terutama untuk mereka yang tak ada henset 3G, sebab EDGE Speed sendiri pon boleh capai sehingga 384kbps, sama kalau nak dicompare kan dengan Pakej 3G standard telco lain.

Dari my experience, the connection is quite stable, almost no connection drop while surfing.Even for GPRS, the speed it at maximum speed. But its still too slow for heavy neworking. Ialah dengan speed only 42kbps top.

Tapi ada juga kekurangan lain, seems that user been assign the same IP, ini menimbulkan masalah bila nak signup kat some site yg ambil berat ip. Contohnya online banking. CIMBCLICKS Doesnt seems to work..

Dan ini pula tentang DiGi customer services respond
15hb April 08
First day using the service, feeling down. No EDGE at my house, but there is EDGE connection next 2 house..

16hb April 08
Sending complaind to DiGi customer service

17hb April 08
Got reply, Need to fill in the details of problem. Their customer services good though.

18h April 08
Got email saying, My problem is forward to technical dept. ANd wait for their respond in 2 days

21 April 08
Got sms that saying DiGi technical dept is in the midst of rectifying network problem. Dont know if this message refer to my problems or they just doing the maintenance and sent the emails to all digi users.

However till tonite, no change of coverage. stil No EDGE. Ive being skeptical that there is something they can do bout it. Maybe just need to wait and see..

29 Jun 08
No update at all
maybe they too busy with their implementation of 3G services

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