Friday, June 27, 2008

Career opportunity at Procter & Gamble (P&G), Malaysia

I would like to bring your attention to P&G Business Challenge 2008. If you're still studying and are looking at securing a job with P&G even before you graduate, or you're looking for an internship this summer - this is your ultimate opportunity. However, this Challenge is not for candidates who have post-degree working experience.

P&G Business Challenge is a compact 4-day program where you will experience the working life in P&G and most importantly, you could secure a full-time job or internship straight away!

This is the LAST CHANCE - apply now to be selected for P&G Business Challenge 2008! For those who haven't applied, you CAN still be selected for P&G Business Challenge as long as do these steps LATEST by July 1:

1. You complete the online test (must pass; can be done anywhere online),
2. Sit for Problem Solving Test (PST) (must pass; session conducted at our office in Subang Jaya)
3. Call +603 5630 7858 or +6012 209 3464 to arrange for your PST session before July 1.

Delay no more and APPLY NOW! --Click here to apply
. Use your login and password.

Please do the online test carefully as you must pass to proceed to next stage? Advice - try the PST practice test before coming for PST session. Click here to download the PST Practice Test. Please bring calculator and pencil with you for the PST session.

This Challenge will only be relevant to those who are in Malaysia from July 7 - 10. Those who are overseas, I recommend you to still apply even if you can't make it so 1) you can already do the online test and 2) we can keep you updated on any future student programs or even full-time job vacancies that we will have.

CASH REWARD - due to the remarkable word of mouth that this Challenge has received, we have decided to reward RM100 for every person who is selected for P&G Business Challenge that YOU recommend or that YOUR STUDENT ASSOCIATION recommends. Put me as your referrer (Rosfaizul bin ismail) if you are generous enough.The applicant must indicate in the online application under the question "How did you learn about this position?" that a specific person (with name) or that a specific student organization (with name) inform / promote the event to the applicant. It's that easy so if you know anyone who would make P&G's cut, get them to apply and be selected !! :-)

Selected participants will have the chance to:

  • be part of a real life business case challenge,

  • interact with high-level P&G management,

  • hear the experiences in P&G from our recent new hires,

  • learn more and experience about what life is like inside a large corporation,

  • compare their own ability to work in teams with students from other universities on a real life P&G case study, and

  • tour the P&G Office in Malaysia and P&G plant/distribution center in Malaysia.

  • Questions?

    You can check Faq section on the website
    or email or call +603 5630 7858 or +6012 209 3464.

    Thursday, June 26, 2008

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    Sunday, June 8, 2008

    Review of - Review tentang
    Nah, actually theres nothing that great about greatbux, at first i'm excited to joint the program because one of my internet buddy start reviewing this website due to fast cashout payment. It's true!! comparing to other PTC site, greatbux can pay you in 24 hours (provided you are premium member)

    Takla, tiada yang great pun tentang greatbux, pada mulanya saya tertarik untuk sertai PTC ini bila salah seorang kenalan saya yang turut giat dalam industry PTC mula menulis blog tentang laman ini. Dia terasa teruja dengan bayaran keluar yang dibuat oleh greatbux, memang betul! jika dibandingkan dengan laman ptc lain, greabux boleh membuat bayaran kepada ahlinya dalam masa tidak sampai sehari!!

    Yes!! this site is recommended, only that i felt dissapointed with the site. Some of the features was never implemented. As example, they stated that they will pay u if your referrals upgrade to premium. They never did actually (or so from what my friend said).

    Ya! saya rekomen greatbux jika anda mahukan bayaran yang cepat, cuma saya agak terkilan dengan berberapa fungsi yang diwarwarkan, namun tidak di jalankan, contohnya pemberian insentif yang sepatutnye diberikan kepada ahli premium jika ahli yang direfer naiktaraf kepada premium. Namun ia tidak berlaku.

    The most dissapointing is the referrals i bought and the numbers of the ads.There is no less than 40 ads per day available to clicks, yet they only show 12 ads per day to clicks, even you are premium. And the performance of the premium referrals bought is very poor, its very rare for them to clicks the little 12 ads per day. Maybe its just me, im not lucky enough. Or its because of the system that will reactivate clicked ads exactly 24 hours after the last click, not like As will reactivate the clicked adds after 12am local time. Making easier for the members to click.

    Paling saya kecewa adalah iklan dan kualiti referral yang dibeli. Untuk iklan, sepatutnya iklan setiap hari mencecah 40 iklan untuk di klik, namun cuma 12 iklan yang sama di paparkan untuk di klik, mahu premium atau free member. Premium ahli yang dibeli pula tidak klik semua iklan ( sepatutnya paling kurang 12 iklan). Mungkin saya tidak cukup bertuah . heh. Mungkin juga kerana skrip laman greatbux sendiri yang hanya membenarkan ahli klik iklan yang sama hanya selepas 24 jam. Tidak seperti yang akan aktifkan kembali iklan untuk di klik selepas 12.00 tengah malam waktu tempatan setiap hari.

    Maybe they still new in the PTC Industry. However, they look promising judging from the ads featured. Greatbux is still potential PTC to join.And i still recommend the site, for their fast payment.
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    Mungkin laman greatbux masih baru dalam industri PTC, dan jika dilihat dari iklan - iklan yang ada, Greatbux mempunyai peluang. Saya masih rekomen laman ini kerana bayaran nya yang cepat.
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    [Update as July 2, 2008]
    The site no longer pay their members in 1 day. And for beginner, you are advised to upgrade to premium, but try buying low number of standard members first. Some said, performances of standard members is better than premium members.

    Thursday, June 5, 2008 Paid me!!!

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    Apa tunggu lagi, sertai saya buat duit bersama!! Tak ada apa yang rugi. Sebarang pertanyaan, boleh tanya saya. Review lain tentang PTC Program yang saya serta dia post saya yang akan datang! =]

    My HP Ipaq 512 was stolen!!

    Nah.. its not actually stolen, i missplace it somewhere at my workplace. And somebody happened to pick it and made it their properties. Uwaa.. Just a while back i made the review of the phone. Now they taking it away from me. Pity me. I used to regret for buying that phone, because of the size of the screen is too small to me( because i get used with the 320x240 screen size of my other devices), but now when i finally felt in love with it. I lost it. Peoples keep telling me there should be some hikmah (good reason) of what happened. But i just felt like, what a crap!. Why should losing something should have any good reason. Its good reason if i wasting my money to buy a new one? But who knows, maybe there is indeed thing so called hikmah. I guest i will just need to give myself sometime and let go the thing i lost..