Friday, May 30, 2008

HP IPAQ 512: Cheap wm6 phone for everyone!!

HP ipaq 512, or 510 or 514. The name might be different. But it actually the same HP Ipaq 500 series. The name differ only because of the region. The device is a sleek and small smartphone with built in WIFI for wireless email experience with the addition of voice reply and convenient voice command for hands-free operation. Now you dont need to write tor reply the email. Just reply it with your voice! And instruct your device to doing thing by commanding it with your voice!

The Hp Ipaq 500 series voice Messenger also features voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) capabilities, push email and the latest Windows Mobile 6 operating system. With up to six hours of continuous talk time on a fully charged battery, the HP iPAQ Voice Messenger also leads the competition in battery life. As the first in HP’s new smartphone lineup, the HP iPAQ 512 helps highly mobile professionals stay connected wherever they are.

For connectivity, This phone only has edge and wifi for high speed mobile internet. No worry, eventhough there is no 3rd Generation (3G) capabilities. The EDGE connection itself already enough to make sure you get connected. Used it with Skype or Fring. You wont find any differences with using the skype through the pc.

Based on the new Windows Mobile 6 platform, the HP iPAQ 512 provides business professionals with an enhanced Outlook Mobile experience, allowing customers to view emails in their original HTML format and enjoy quick access to contacts with the ability to search a call history and contacts database. Plus, the built-in Microsoft Office Mobile suite provides customers with a familiar, easy-to-use experience. Not enough? . You can still install third party office suits.

Additionally, on-the-go professionals can enjoy rich digital entertainment features such as listening to music, watching videos, playing games, and capturing and sharing photos wirelessly.

Not only that, the facts that the mobile phone is running on Window mobile operating system made the device fully customizable. Now with the abundance of 3rd party application. The device can do just about anything. Watching any video format (including flash video downloaded from youtube!!), Go Instant messenger on the move, and much more!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Are muslim prophets and christian the same?

I found that it is such a wonder to know that there is similarities. Im sure most of us muslim aware that Isa a.s is christian Jesus. The difference is only in the ideology. No im not going to go into details such a sensitive issue. What im going to share here is the name of the 25 prophets in islam, that their story have been told in Bible
Here they are..

01. Nabi Adam a.s. - Adam
02. Nabi Idris a.s. - Enoch
03. Nabi Nuh a.s. - Noah
04. Nabi Hud a.s. - Eber
05. Nabi Salih a.s. - Shelah
06. Nabi Ibrahim a.s. - Abraham - brahma (?)
07. Nabi Luth a.s. - Luth
08. Nabi Ismail a.s.- Ishmael
09. Nabi Ishaq a.s. - Isaac
10. Nabi Ya'akub a.s. - Jacob
11. Nabi Yusuf a.s. - Joseph
12. Nabi Ayub a.s.- Job
13. Nabi Syu'aib a.s. - Jethro
14. Nabi Musa a.s. - Moses
15. Nabi Harun a.s. - Aaron
16. Nabi Zulkifli a.s.- Ezekiel/Yehezkiel
17. Nabi Daud a.s. - David
18. Nabi Sulaiman a.s. - Solomon
19. Nabi Ilyas a.s. - Elijah
20. Nabi Ilyasa’ a.s.- Elisa
21. Nabi Yunus a.s. - Jonah
22. Nabi Zakaria a.s. - Zacharias
23. Nabi Yahya a.s. - Yohanes/John
24. Nabi Isa a.s. -Jesus/Isa
25. Nabi Muhammad s.a.w - Ahmad (prediction)

Not much story being told for Ilyas and Ilyasa', from the history.

Well it might be true they are the same prophets, although the story from the two holy books not actually the same. Of all the wondrous facts, its only make sense everything happens because there is one and only one god from the start..