Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alert conman: ym id : bl_rss

Ym id bl_rss
Level 1 conman!!

scam me RM150/50 USD,

Modus Operandi,

There have been a lot of con-cases involving more than two parties. Example as below,
A and B (innocent traders)/C (conman)
1) C wanted to sell something and A wanted to buy it.
2) B is an egold/paypal/ Alertpay seller not involved with the sales of A or C.
3) C told A to bank the money into B's account without B knowing and A believed it was C's account.
4) C told B he has banked in his money and B should transfer the egold/paypal.
5) A received nothing and he traced the bank account to B while B knows nothing. C ran away without sending anything to A after receiving egold/paypal (or bank transfer) from B.
Please be reminded that before you transfer ANYTHING into anyone's account, please check, double check and triple check that the person is indeed who he is.
Please report to us if you spot any suspicious trades going on and we will get to it.
Thank you.

This is actually what happen to me, this guy promise me to exchange me for the funds for alertpay, i know i can simply add funds through bank, its just at the time, i need the funds asap..
so got no choice but to trust this jerk.

So for others, if u encounter any guys like this, do not trust 'it'.

1. Keep in mind that in online business, a seller should not approaching a buyer. If that happens, there is something fishy.
2. Always check the email with payment processor, Available, registered or not.
3. Always ask contact details, atleast the phone numbers, if asked still not giving, something is wrong.
4 . If involving exchange funds, do request funds first.
5. I have given sign from gods, its very troublesome as first to initate payment to this person. But im desperately need the funds. So if there some feeling of not right. Do not make the deal.
6. If chat from IM, do some test setting when the person if offline, to see if him really online or jusT invisible. If invisible, do not trust this person.

i ve learned my lesson, its costly lesson. But theres no turning back time. I prayed in my god name, this guy will get his lesson. Maybe encounter in accident in most terrible and shameful way is the best for this person.

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