Tuesday, February 28, 2012

HTC Radar vs Lumia 800

So just change to Lumia 800 after 1 and half month using HTC Radar,

So here is what i think,

HTC Radar screen is much better - white is white, not yellowish.
HTC Radar screen is bigger, and very apparent when playing ilomilo compared to Lumia 800
HTC Radar loudspeaker is much better, crystal clear, stereo and surround
HTC Radar has internet sharing and out of the box DLNA support
HTC Radar has front camera
HTC Radar GPS is much faster
HTC Radar has much more camera setting, burst mode, panorama, Sharpness
HTC Radar pictures are much clearer
HTC Radar camera are much better even in the dark
HTC Radar flash is very intense!

Lumia 800 has Nokia Drive
Lumia 800 has Nokia Radio
Lumia 800 has 16gb memory
Lumia 800 has 1.4gz cpu, not significant though

I hate to say this, but i think Lumia 800 is overpriced and HTC Radar is better, if HTC Radar is 16gb, and come out of the box GPS software. it will be perfect!

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