Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blogging with Windows Live Writer

So, I’ve been exploring my lappy recently, suddenly found this windows live writer application.. its been there for ages. but never occurs to me to try it out. Blame the marketing strategy from Microsoft.
I know live application is free, but this guys deserve some attention too you know.

Well actually I did use other live service, mail. messenger and photo gallery. just i never really notice live writer is there. Although its actually well deserve to be notice for its function.

OK, enough with this not notice talking. basically what this apps do is it is integrate your blogging experience through your windows PC inside application.

I think its kinda cool considering you actually can write your thoughts offline and need no html knowledge to customize your blog. Its also support integration to posting your offline written blogs to all the famous blogging site out there. This blogger website included.
In fact i'm posting from this live writer.

Simply insert you blog link and log in information  or just create a new one if you don’t have one. And then you have offline writing blogging experience!

OK actually I have no more idea what to wrote here, I have not blogging for some time now. and tonight I just blogging to try this app out. However i hope this app will also be integrate to future windows application such Windows phone 7. This medium still lacking this kind of app as of now.


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