Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Enhance your Yahoo Messenger!!

Hi, let make it simple shall we, below is the list of 3rd party softwares/application/add on i used with my yahoo messenger. Maybe its also useful for you.

Yahoo! Emoticon Assistant
Yahoo! Emoticon Assistant is a standalone application that puts the hidden emoticons at your fingertips, and makes it easy to choose between standard and hidden emoticons. Simply select one the chat windows to send the emoticon to and then click on the emoticon to send!

This add on completely revolutionize your ym client. They passionate in innovating & developing Instant Messenger technologies and content. Featuring constantly look for new and cool ways for users to enjoy their messenger experience. SweetIM software enhances messenger by adding emoticons, winks, audibles, sound FX, Display Pictures, Nudges and soon to come more exciting content, enhancing the messaging experience and enabling instant messenger users to express themselves in fun and creative ways.

HyperIM is a freeware, fully feature-packed, universal status manager, with extendable capabilities (plugin-oriented architecture). HyperIM uses expandable text macros (variables and flags) to generate dynamic strings/statuses which change in time (e.g. many media info details from different media players).
You can use HyperIM to create complex, formatted, statuses for all your IM personal status messages, send your status to web scripts (e.g. for dynamic image signatures), create automatic, dynamic, Yahoo! Messenger PM answers, and that's just the start!

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