Thursday, June 5, 2008

My HP Ipaq 512 was stolen!!

Nah.. its not actually stolen, i missplace it somewhere at my workplace. And somebody happened to pick it and made it their properties. Uwaa.. Just a while back i made the review of the phone. Now they taking it away from me. Pity me. I used to regret for buying that phone, because of the size of the screen is too small to me( because i get used with the 320x240 screen size of my other devices), but now when i finally felt in love with it. I lost it. Peoples keep telling me there should be some hikmah (good reason) of what happened. But i just felt like, what a crap!. Why should losing something should have any good reason. Its good reason if i wasting my money to buy a new one? But who knows, maybe there is indeed thing so called hikmah. I guest i will just need to give myself sometime and let go the thing i lost..

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